Residential and recreational property

Protan has roofs and membranes for all kinds of properties.Available in varying colours,the products are durable and require less maintenance.

Protan offers world-class solutions for both large projects and private homes and holiday homes. By using Protan's roof and membrane systems, you can be confident that your roof has the best possible protection from the wind and weather.

Out solutions are simple and safe to install, whether your roof is flat, sloping, curved, or of a more complex design.  Protan PVC roofing is available in many colours and mounting profiles on visible parts of the roof surface can ensure an even more attractive visual impression. Protan Domestic has solutions for full roofs, extensions, sheds, cabins and annexes. 

Protan Domestic also has membranes for exterior and interior solutions such as roof terraces, terraces and wetrooms. Protan Domestic radon membrane protects your building from radon. Protan products have documented long useful lives and require little maintenance.

Protan holds ISO 9001 quality management certification and ISO 14001 environmental management certification. This means that every aspect of our activities has been documented and quality assured and that production is designed to have the least possible negative environmental impact - both locally and globally.

Exposed Roofing

Our high quality solutions for exposed roofs have a long life, are robust in all climates and provide sustainable roofs of a high technical standard.

Ballasted and Green Roofs

Covered membranes in roof structures are generally referred to as ballasted or protected roofs. The ballast can be concrete slabs, pebbles or soil as the basis for a green roof.

Protan Design Roofs

Our flexible solutions help to enhance the architecture, as well as the building's appearance and identity. The roof helps to send a message about the building's purpose, character and relationship with the surroundings.

Protan Solar Roofs

Protan Solar Roof is a concept that paves the way for photovoltaic or thermal panels to be installed on roofs covered with Protan membrane.


Protan’s strong and durable membrane systems for terraces and balconies provide you with a high-quality, long-lasting terrace membrane that prevents problems relating to moisture, mould, rot and corrosion.

Wet Rooms

Protan’s strong and durable membrane systems for wetrooms help you to avoid leakage and problems related to moisture, mould, rot and corrosion. Our membrane systems can be used on both the floor and walls in the wet zone.

Radon protection

Protan RadonSafe is a strong, gas-tight radon membrane that prevents radon gas from seeping into the building.